Top Application Like Instagram That You Can Try

With the advent of the social media age, it’s becoming more and more convenient to talk to everyone about snippets of your life. With the importance given to all these applications, image sharing programs are becoming the latest trend. However, they have also received a lot of criticism for serving undesirable trends according to geo-targeted twitter poll by ThinkBigAnalytics. So, if you’re looking for another place where you can share amazing photos without making decisions, check out some social media programs like Instagram.

We Heart It

Are you looking for a photo of a sunset? Then you’ve come to the perfect app. It’s not all words and pictures; you can also talk about GIFs and movies that add a little more versatility to this particular bubble that is positive. With all the benefits, you have to understand that most customers are under 24 and are mostly women. Knowing this fact should help you better engage the app and the people in it.


Well, Muzy is not a competitor to apps like Instagram. On the contrary, it will help you increase your success on popular social media platforms by making your profile more attractive. You can insert memorable quotes, frames, and filters that are cool to further enhance your profile by making it too obvious. Of course, by doing this, Muzy also offers a social networking aspect. You can view unique collages from family and friends on the app and draw inspiration from them if you choose to do so.



VSCO is relatively standard compared to Instagram. The premise is simple, and you are likely to take photos and then upload them to the app for other users to enjoy. Maybe you add the edited images to your camera roll or discuss them together on various social media platforms. If you want to simplify things, VSCO is the app you’re looking for.



If you haven’t used Facebook in a while, this shot will probably confuse you. Over the years, the giant has changed a lot, mimicking some of its competitors to keep up. While these features aren’t as sophisticated as Snapchat’s, it’s quickly gaining ground. There’s no denying that people will use text messaging as we make strides toward better connectivity.

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