Online Learning Resources – Making The Learning Process Engaging & Entertaining


It is no secret that almost every student needs some extra motivation and help from time to time, and, thanks to the abundance of information available online, excellent learning resources are just a few clicks away. There are a plethora of free online learning resources, which can make any learning topic more engaging or entertaining. Some of these resources include student contests, entertaining and instructional videos, learning games, as well as all kinds of virtual activities and labs. The majority of these resources can be used in classrooms by administrators or teachers, or individually by the students.

Useful For All Types Of Students

Online learning resources are designed to cater to different kinds of students. While there are students who prefer online lectures or tutorials led by instructors, there are also those that mostly prefer a self-study experience, where they can go through the learning content at their own pace. Also, some students prefer a more hands-on, interactive learning experience. For them, there are plenty of tools available, such as video conferencing, live labs, chat rooms, learning forums and so on. On the other hand, for the on-the-go students, there are plenty of mobile e-learning methods. Many online learning resources providers, are providing different options, as well as the integration of devices such as iPads, thus making the resources very accessible.

Now, let’s focus on some of the most popular forms of online learning resources.

Interactive Activities & Labs

working on laptopThese days, one can easily find increasing numbers of recorded and live learning activities and labs online, which can be used as learning resources. With a tutor just a single click away, a student can re-watch and explore topics as many times as they want, until they are entirely comfortable with what is being represented.

Educational Videos

Just like games, educational videos can also help to engage and motivate the students. These days, both amateurs and professional producers create engaging and entertaining videos, which are aimed at delivering the learning content in a fun and engaging way. Thus, if a student is interested in learning through educational videos, they can subscribe to some video hosting sites such as Course Hero YouTube channel. In addition, it is worth noting that according to some studies, students can remember important concepts for a far longer period if they have an additional visual input, instead of just reading them.

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Student Contests

Another effective means of engaging a student is to get their competitive spirit going. As a result, many reputable online learning resource providers have recognized the importance of using contests, to encourage and stimulate the students to dive deeper into a particular learning matter.

Learning Games

In order to motivate a student, the learning content should be presented in a fun way. When playing and learning happen at the same time, a student is more engaged and willing to spend more time learning. As a matter of fact, there is an abundance of online learning resources that come in the form of interactive content or games, so it would be wise to check the providers of these resources, in order to find the best ones.

With so many online learning resources and learning providers available at any moment, there is absolutely no reason for students to skip on them and miss the opportunity of accessing an abundance of fun, useful, and engaging learning content.